Stages of the Ducan diet: food rotation rules

When the weight is overweight, a person begins to look for a suitable diet for losing weight. The Ducan diet is very popular among men and women as it does not contain strict restrictions. The main principle of the diet is to use only approved foods. The stages of the Ducan diet last from two days to six months, during which you should adhere to a different menu for a separate phase. The eligible products for each period will be discussed in detail.

What is the Ducan Diet

The principle of the Dukan nutrition system is very cheerful: you can eat without restrictions and lose weight. However, not all are allowed, but certain foods. The famous French physician Pierre Dukan, who developed this nutritional system, claims that people have the opportunity to eat in normal quantities without getting fat. To do this, you need to teach the body to use not only carbohydrates and fats as fuel, but also proteins.

The main requirement for stabilizing weight according to Ducan is to adhere to this rule for the rest of your life: spend one day a week with exclusively protein foods. The rest of the time, it is allowed to eat any food after establishing the ideal individual weight. Pierre Dukan believes that the weight of each person should correspond to age, height and many other personal parameters, and not the requirements of fashion.

Basic Rules

The principles of the Ducan Diet are based on dividing the diet into 4 phases. The first two stages are aimed at ensuring that the person does not gain extra pounds again. Normal weight is reached at the end of the second phase. The third stage is to consolidate the result. The problem with being overweight is maintaining results. Anyone can easily lose body weight, but after a while they gain it again. When the weight returns, the body becomes less sensitive to any diet. The third phase is used to solve the problem. The fourth stage lasts the rest of your life.


duration of the ducan diet for weight loss

The first stage of the Ducan diet is the shortest - 2 to 7 days. The duration depends on the initial weight of the body losing weight. For those who want to lose a little weight, two days will be enough, and for very fat people it is recommended to hold out on a protein diet for a week.

The second stage takes longer. Someone manages to achieve the desired weight in 2 weeks, while others need six months.

The third step must be followed on the basis of 10 days for every kilogram lost. For example, if it took 5 kg, then this phase of the Ducan diet will last 50 days.

Ducan System

According to the observation of Pierre Ducan, the consumption of protein products gives people who are losing weight staggering results. To prevent weight gain, you should adhere to two rules: take twenty-minute walks every day and consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day. These are not so strict dietary rules to have a beautiful figure and feel great. Let's consider all the stages of the Ducan diet in detail.

Stage 1 Attack

The main purpose of the first stage of the Ducan diet is to start the processes of fat burning in the human body. In addition to the permitted food, you can drink coffee, tea, herbal preparations in reasonable quantities. From salad dressings, it is allowed to use vegetable oil (olive, sunflower), soy sauce, balsamic vinegar. The use of spices, tomato paste and sweetener is acceptable. If you like cottage cheese and meat dishes, seafood, fish and eggs, then the Attack phase will be the most delicious period of the diet.

Approved Products

What can you eat, what are the pros and cons of the Attack phase? Prolonged protein intake can negatively affect kidney health. But 2-7 days of such a diet will help to unload the body, adjust for weight loss.

So, allowed products of the Attack phase:

  1. Meat.Low-fat varieties are welcome: rabbit, turkey, chicken, horse meat, beef. Sometimes it is allowed to eat offal: kidneys, liver, tongue.
  2. Egg white.Chicken is allowed, but quail is better. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of yolk during the diet to a minimum.
  3. Fish, seafood.Everything is allowed. Better to steam, simmer or boil. Canned meat and fish are not allowed, nor are fried foods.
  4. Fermented milk and milk products. All products are allowed, but fat-free - up to 0. 5%. You can not use dairy products with added sugar and artificial additives.
  5. Nuts.You can take 1 handful daily, but only instead of vegetable oil.
  6. Flax seeds.3 teaspoons a day is desirable.


what can you eat on the ducan diet for weight loss

Approximate description of meals for the day during the first phase:

  • breakfast:low-fat cottage cheese, grilled chicken breast (200 g), coffee without milk and sugar;
  • lunch: crab sticks or oat bran muffins
  • lunch:spicy Mongolian beef, low-fat yogurt;
  • afternoon tea:cinnamon pancakes;
  • dinner:shrimp with garlic, chicken pieces, green tea.

Stage 2 Alternation

If there was no meeting with the doctor before starting the first stage of the diet, at this stage it is useful to have blood tests for cholesterol and sugar. If there are good indications, you can proceed to the second phase of the Dukan diet, which is also called the Cruise. It is designed to achieve immediate weight loss. At the Rotation stage, there are no restrictions on the amount and frequency of meals. The main point of the second phase of the Ducan diet is the change of protein and protein-vegetable days. We must not forget about the drinking regime (about 2 liters of water per day).

Approved Products

Oat bran remains a must in the diet. The protein products used are the same as those allowed in the first phase. Vegetables are added to them:

  • all types of cabbage;
  • eggplants;
  • zucchini;
  • leeks and onions;
  • cucumbers;
  • carrots;
  • beets;
  • spinach;
  • celery;
  • radish, turnip;
  • bell peppers;
  • asparagus;
  • tomatoes;
  • leafy salads;
  • beans (green, green beans);
  • pumpkin;
  • soy;
  • chicory.


At this stage, it is allowed to prepare desserts that can be used as a snack. Any fruit is prohibited as it contains natural sugar.

Sample menu of the second phase for the day:

  • breakfast:vegetables baked in foil, liver pate, cocoa;
  • lunch:curd blancmange;
  • lunch:seafood soup, boiled lean veal (200 g) with ketchup, asparagus beans;
  • afternoon snack:oatmeal cookies;
  • dinner:boiled mussels or oysters with dill, ginger lemonade.

Stage 3 Consolidation

The main goal of the phase is to get out of the diet in the most gentle way. Stage 3 of the Ducan diet adapts the losing weight to the new diet as comfortably as possible. In humans, metabolic processes are stabilized, the work of the digestive tract normalizes, the parameters of the figure return to normal. If the previous stages of the Ducan diet were monotonous, then the third phase has a more varied menu. Fastening is already much easier to withstand, the main thing is to eat food within reasonable limits.

Approved Products

allowed foods for the Ducan protein diet

What can be added to the diet in the Consolidation phase:

  1. Fruit.It is allowed to use one for each snack. If we are talking about strawberries or raspberries, then a small portion, if about watermelon or melon - one slice. Dried fruits are strictly prohibited.
  2. Whole grain bread.It is preferable to use products with bran or rye flour. No more than 2 slices per day are allowed.
  3. Hard cheeses.The fat content of the product should not exceed 50%. You can eat 40 g / day.
  4. Meat, game, poultry.Each species is allowed to be consumed no more than 1 time per week.
  5. Foods containing starch.Durum pasta, peas, lentils, rice, potatoes and cereals can be gradually introduced into the diet during the Consolidation phase.


If the first and second stages of the Ducan diet were more or less strict, then the third is a place for kitchen creativity. Six days a week (except Thursday) you can eat protein and vegetable dishes and those that are allowed to be added. Thursday should be devoted only to protein foods - this is a very necessary measure to stabilize weight.

Description of the example menu of the third stage:

  • breakfast:a slice of hard cheese, a slice of whole grain bread, low fat yogurt, coffee;
  • lunch:cottage cheese or casserole;
  • lunch:pasta with squid, buckwheat soup with a slice of ham, freshly squeezed juice;
  • afternoon snack:apple;
  • dinner:baked potatoes with vegetables, a glass of milk.

Stage 4 Stabilization

All stages of Ducan are aimed at weight loss. The Stabilization phase already imposes almost no restrictions, but it assumes the observance of some rules that Pierre Ducan advises to adhere to throughout your life:

  • never overeat;
  • maintain the habit of regular walking or other physical activity;
  • do not forget to monitor the fluid rate (up to 2 liters of water per day);
  • have a protein day once a week.

In addition, there are foods that are prohibited, including sugar and fructose. It is advisable to avoid moldy cheeses and goat milk products. Fruit is not advisable to eat in large quantities - it is better to limit it to one intake per day. Meat should be eaten only of low-fat varieties and in limited quantities. The menu should be dominated by foods rich in protein and fiber, not fats. It is allowed to occasionally drink a glass of red wine. It is advisable to exclude other alcohol from the diet altogether, because it provokes appetite.

Approved Products

stages of the ducan diet for weight loss

At the Stabilization stage, you can gradually return to your usual diet, but adhere to the new food rules. Food consumption should always be monitored so that weight does not return.

Sweets and carbonated drinks should be avoided. Better to take a closer look at the many vegetarian recipes. It is advisable to cook vegetable salads without vegetable oil, seasoning with soy sauce or lemon juice.


When the step-by-step weight loss has come to an end, it is already much easier to prepare the right food, since the table of allowed foods has been expanded to the maximum. The main goal of the Stabilization stage is to strengthen the new nutritional system, which will prevent a person from further deviating from the path to the intended goal.

Sample menu for the last phase of the day:

  • breakfast:one boiled egg, a slice of ham with whole grain bread, coffee with cream;
  • lunch:crab sticks or chicken casserole;
  • lunch:sea fish ear, baked eggplant;
  • afternoon snack:a piece of melon or watermelon;
  • dinner:seafood julienne, broccoli casserole with cheese, tea.