Reviews about Black Latte

  • Amelia
    I started using black latte of my own free will - I read the information + asked the coach for advice. What I like - no problem with cooking - poured boiling water over and interfered. I didn't have a lot of excess weight, so I can't boast of numbers, but for me personally, the cocktail acts as a natural energy drink, it strongly invigorates and activates the brain.
    Black Latte
  • Olivia
    This coffee helped me forget about training and a bunch of diets. I drank it in the morning for more than a month and the end result impressed me greatly - no fat folds and hanging sides, and the scales began to show 6 kilograms less. In terms of well-being, everything is fine - I did not feel any side effects, but I drank it carefully - everything was normal, in the morning.
    Black Latte
  • Evie
    I've been thinking about losing weight for a long time, but I haven't found any really effective methods. Then, purely by chance, I stumbled upon this coffee-coal preparation on the Internet and decided to try it. It was the most correct decision in my life - coffee gives a boost of vigor for the whole day, while the appetite disappears somewhere, and the stomach decreases. In general, I recommend!
    Black Latte
  • Joshua
    Friends told about this coffee, they say, it helps to fight obesity, adds energy. Well, I decided to try it, and it turned out to be good - it tastes good, it is convenient to quickly mix it during a break at work. The energy really appears. I don't follow my weight, but after a couple of weeks I had to put on jeans under my belt. For me, this option is the very thing.
    Black Latte
  • Ruby
    I'm not a fan of pills - I prefer classic methods of losing weight. True, these methods did not lead to anything - if I lost a kilogram while jogging, then I gained two. I bought a black latte on the Internet and drank it 2-3 times a day. Within a week and a half, 5 kg disappeared, and in another month - 8. Cool, despite the fact that you are losing weight on just one coffee.
    Black Latte
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