Kefir diet: rules, prohibitions and expert recommendations

Kefir with berries for weight loss

The kefir diet is a popular diet for weight loss. Its hard options are designed for three days or seven days, when meals are scheduled by the hour, soft ones - for 14 days or more. Rules and restrictions for a kefir diet for effective weight loss, an approximate menu for every day with a photo, as well as how many kilograms you can lose in a week.

How the diet works

Kefir contains many nutrients necessary for the human body. The most important are prebiotics and bifidobacteria. They help the gastrointestinal tract work, normalize digestion.

At the same time, a fermented milk drink contains few carbohydrates, and therefore calories. The body on a kefir diet uses its own resources. Metabolism accelerates, and extra pounds go away.

Kefir, which speeds up metabolism, will help get rid of extra pounds

Allowed and Prohibited Products

There are many options for a kefir diet, they differ in the combination of a fermented milk drink with various products. Most often - with vegetables and fruits, the advantage of which is a large amount of vitamins, fiber and useful microelements.

Preference is given to low-calorie fruits and berries, such as apples, pears, kiwi, strawberries. Any vegetables are allowed. The most commonly used cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, celery. Potatoes are found in some diet options, despite the fact that they are high in starch.

In a kefir diet, the use of low-fat varieties of fish and meat is allowed, as well as cereals, mainly buckwheat - there are fewer carbohydrates, but more nutrients.

The key to the success of the kefir diet is the low content of carbohydrates in foods eaten. Therefore, the list of "prohibited items" includes, first of all, sweet, fatty and starchy foods. It is also recommended to refuse semi-finished products, pickles, smoked meats.


The types of kefir diet differ in terms of the period, the products used and the order of their use.

For a three days

The tough variety involves exclusively the use of kefir and water. The second, milder option allows for low-calorie fruits. But only on the second day of the diet.

Three fasting days will allow you to quickly lose a few pounds. But you should not abuse such a diet. Experts do not recommend a strict kefir diet for a longer period. A lack of nutrients can have a negative effect on the functioning of the whole body.

Nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences: "Mono-diets are best used in the form of fasting days, individually and according to indications. It can be one day in the middle of a week or several days a week. Most often, a mono-diet is needed to stimulate weight loss. "

For seven days

The kefir diet for the week is more varied in terms of products. In addition to a fermented milk drink, it involves the use of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

Boiled fish on the menu of the weekly kefir diet

Every day, certain products are added to one and a half liters of kefir. One of the diet options:

  • the first day - four boiled potatoes;

  • the second - 150 grams of boiled chicken;

  • third - 200 grams of boiled beef;

  • the fourth - 150 grams of boiled fish;

  • fifth - a kilogram of apples or a salad of any vegetables (carrots, cabbage);

  • in the final two days of the diet, only kefir and water remain.

Meat, potatoes and fish can be steamed. But it is important not to use salt and spices when doing this. Such nutrition allows you to lose up to five kilograms of excess weight.

There is also a tougher version of the kefir diet for seven days. You can diversify the diet on it only with kefir, water and one kilogram of apples a day. During this time, you can already lose about ten kilograms.

For nine days

Kefir diet for nine days is also called "3 by 3". The diet is changed every three days. There are also more and less strict versions of such a diet.

In the hard version, you can drink kefir and water for the first three days. In the subsequent period, you can add a choice of a kilogram of apples or 100 grams of boiled meat. Three more days are also limited to two liters of kefir and clean water.

A less strict diet involves the use of buckwheat, apples or boiled chicken in combination with kefir at each stage.

This version of the nine-day diet is popular. The first three days are unloading days. There - only kefir and water. Then you can add no more than a liter of light vegetable soups or about a kilogram of salads per day. In the final stage, it is allowed to consume about 500 grams of lean cooked meat per day.

On day 21

Kefir diet for 21 days was developed by nutritionists of the Institute of Nutrition. It is quite gentle and allows you to get rid of ten kilograms of excess weight in three weeks, without exposing the body to severe stress and stress.

Making a fruit smoothie for a snack on a kefir diet

The diet involves eating evenly, five to six times a day, in about the same portions. You also need to drink a liter of kefir and half a liter of any liquid. It includes water, tea and even soup.

For all three weeks, the main thing is to exclude sweet and high-calorie foods. Meat and fish should be low-fat and steamed or boiled. In this diet, salt is allowed, but only a little and in ready-made meals. Fruits and vegetables are also the basis of the diet.

Protein kefir diet

There are three, seven, or nine day diet options. Here kefir is combined with one of the high protein foods. Most often it is chicken or turkey fillet. Meat days are introduced instead of fruit and vegetable days. You can eat up to 400 grams of boiled or steamed meat per day without adding salt.

Kefir diet from a popular singer

Another kind of kefir diet came from show business. The popular singer shared a diet that helped her get rid of those extra pounds. This diet is also based on the use of kefir and is designed for a week. Every day until 6 pm you need to drink half a liter of kefir and eat certain foods:

  • the first day - 500 grams of baked potatoes;

  • the second - 500 grams of cheese;

  • the third - 500 grams of any low-calorie fruit;

  • fourth - 300-500 grams of boiled chicken;

  • fifth - 500 grams of carrots or 150 grams of dried apricots, prunes or raisins;

  • sixth - only drinking non-carbonated mineral water is allowed;

  • seventh - 500 grams of fruit.

Kefir diet is important to maintain water balance

Diet rules

For quick weight loss on a kefir diet, you must follow the rules:

  • only healthy people can limit food;

  • food should be evenly distributed to prevent hunger;

  • not to get involved in serious physical activity;

  • eat fresh food.

If you feel unwell - dizziness, stomach pains, severe fatigue - it is necessary to stop the diet and consult a specialist in order to get out of the restriction regime without harm to health.

Exiting the diet

In order for the diet to live up to expectations, it is important to get out of it correctly. This will allow you not to lose the result of losing weight in the first days. A sharp change in diet can lead not only to weight gain, but also a malfunction in the digestive system.

The main thing is to act gradually. During the kefir diet, the body is accustomed to receiving food in small portions. It is this principle that is worth keeping.

New products need to be introduced daily. Better to start with cereals, soups and salads. They will allow you to saturate with a small amount of food and at the same time contain the necessary nutrients.

You should not abruptly switch to fried, sweet and salty. Such a change in diet can harm the stomach and pancreas.

How to keep the result

After completing the diet, it is important to keep the weight at the desired level. This will help the observance of the principles of proper nutrition and physical activity.

This does not imply a complete rejection of desserts or fried steaks, but moderation is needed in everything. Water balance is also important. You can drink clean water without restrictions.

Balanced nutrition to maintain the result of weight loss on a kefir diet

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of a kefir diet are directly related to the main product. A fermented milk drink is healthy in itself. It is rich in calcium, which means bones, nails and teeth will stay strong. At the same time, kefir is very nutritious and is able to defeat hunger for a long time. This means that it will be easier to follow such a diet. And this will allow you to achieve a good result in losing weight.

There are also downsides. With a kefir diet, the diet becomes very scarce. As a result, a person does not receive a complex of nutrients. This can affect the normal functioning of organs.

In addition, this fermented milk drink often has a laxative effect and, if used for a long time, can cause intestinal and digestive upset.

Also, the disadvantages include fast weight gain after a diet if the principles of proper nutrition are not followed.

Nutritionist about contraindications: "The danger of long-term mono-diets lies in their imbalance - a deficiency of some nutrients and an overabundance of others. For example, with a long-term protein mono-diet, gout will eventually develop. Thus, any long-term mono-diet will worsen health, deprive the body of energy. Weight will go away, but this will also lose muscle tissue. But long-term and long-term success in losing weight cannot be achieved, since our cells will capture what little they are given and accumulate. Metabolic processes in the body will also slow down. Any diets require specialist control. "


It is worth giving up the diet for pregnant and lactating women. At this time, you should diversify your diet with healthy foods so that both mom and baby get enough nutrients.

It is impossible to sharply limit food for people with gastritis and ulcers, bowel diseases, inflammation of the pancreas, kidney failure. The use of kefir is also not recommended with high acidity of the stomach.

Heart failure, allergic reactions and other chronic diseases can also become a contraindication to the kefir diet.

Before starting a diet, you should consult with your doctor and eliminate all risks. Also, a specialist, such as a professional nutritionist, will select the optimal diet for weight loss.

How can you replace kefir

For weight loss, it is important to choose only natural kefir with a low fat content, preferably one or 2. 5%. You need to pay attention to the shelf life. If it is more than two weeks, then, most likely, there are a lot of preservatives in the drink. And it's hard to call it useful.

You can replace kefir with any fermented milk product with a similar composition - low in fat and carbohydrates. It can be yogurt without sugar and additives, fermented baked milk, ayran.

Diet dishes from kefir

After completing the diet, kefir may cease to be a favorite product. Preparing delicious dishes with this drink will help diversify your diet.

Berry smoothies with kefir - a delicious dessert for weight loss

Smoothie with kefir

Category Complexity Cooking time
Drink Easily 5 minutes.


kefir 0, 200 l
any berries or fruits (you can frozen or dried fruits) 50 g
cereals 20-30 g
honey 5 g


  1. Remove seeds from fruits and berries.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and mix until smooth.
  3. Pour the drink into a glass and garnish with berries or fruits.
Pancakes with yogurt for breakfast in the kefir diet

Diet pancakes with kefir

When paired with fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt, these pancakes are a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Category Complexity Cooking time
Dessert Average 1 hour


kefir 1% or 2. 5% 0, 5 l
oat or rye flour 8 tbsp. l.
egg 1 PC.
hot water 0. 150 l
sugar 5 g
salt taste
vegetable oil 0. 020 l


  1. Beat the egg, sugar and salt in a bowl until smooth.
  2. Add kefir to the mixture and mix.
  3. Continuing to beat, gradually add flour. You should get a thick mixture.
  4. Add hot boiled water to the dough and beat.
  5. Pour butter into the dough and mix thoroughly. The finished mixture should have a liquid consistency.
  6. It is better to fry pancakes without oil in a non-stick pan.

The dietitian recommends to approach dietary restrictions responsibly and not abuse diets in pursuit of fashion: "In losing weight, in addition to reducing the daily caloric intake, the principle of maintaining a balanced diet is important. You should always start by reviewing the presence of unhealthy foods on the table, analyzing the diet, intervals between meals, water balance ".