A set of exercises for losing weight at home

Many girls devote hours to training in the hope of achieving a flat stomach, but despite their best efforts, the situation often remains practically unchanged. In most cases, this is due to the wrong regimen and an emphasis on exercise only. As you know, weight loss is rarely local, therefore, complex measures are needed for a slim figure, which include a balanced diet, adequate physical activity and a correct daily routine.

Balanced nutrition for a slim waist

proper nutrition and sports for slimming the abdomen

The effectiveness of training largely depends on nutrition: any physical activity will be ineffective if the consumption of calories significantly exceeds their expenditure. The beauty of the body also depends on food: an improper diet provokes congestion in the circulatory system and lymph, which leads to the formation of cellulite and a "loose" appearance of the skin.

To reduce belly fat, you will need to change your diet to exclude the following:

  • sugar and sugar-containing foods;
  • wheat flour products;
  • chocolate, except for bitter chocolate, with a cocoa content above 70%;
  • alcohol;
  • salted, pickled foods;
  • fatty and smoked foods;
  • fast food;
  • instant products;
  • carbonated drinks, packaged juices;
  • sausage and smoked meat products;
  • mayonnaise.

In losing weight, it is important to maintain water balance: the body must receive a sufficient amount of water to support metabolic processes and cell renewal. We must not forget about the benefits of fiber: it is found in vegetables and helps to stimulate digestion. But you should not include large amounts of fiber in the diet in the early stages - this can lead to severe stomach discomfort. When consuming bran, you should drink it with plenty of liquid.

It is important for girls to control the intake of fatty acids - at least 0. 8-1 g per kg of body weight. The work of the reproductive system largely depends on them, and with a shortage of fats in the diet, malfunctions in the functioning of the body occur.

Workout rules for belly weight loss

abdominal slimming exercises

Exercise plays a huge role in weight loss and belly fat loss. In order for weight loss to be successful, you should adhere to the following rules when conducting classes.

  • When performing exercises for the abdomen, it is necessary to control the distribution of the load: it should concentrate in the abdominal press, and not go into the muscles of the arms and legs. When twisting, the lower back is pressed tightly to the floor; when lifting the limbs, you should avoid placing the legs behind the head.
  • When working, you should monitor the position of the spine, slightly rounding it, but not bending it in the lower back.
  • For increased fat burning, you should stick to a multi-rep system. The exercise ends when a burning sensation appears in the muscles.
  • After completing all sets of one exercise, it is recommended to stretch. To do this, they lower themselves on their stomach, rest their palms on the floor and raise the upper part of the body up, bending the back.

Weight loss exercises should be carried out in a well-ventilated area for enhanced oxygenation of the body. It is better to give preference to loose cotton clothing that does not impede air circulation and absorbs moisture well.

A set of exercises for slimming the abdomen

push ups for slimming belly

Exercises for the abdomen mainly involve all of the abdominal muscles, but individual elements can increase the load on a specific area.

To work the upper rectus abdominis muscle, you need to use the following elements:

  • First, they lower their backs to the floor, bend their legs at the knees, and rest their feet firmly on the surface of the floor. The palms are folded at the back of the head, but they are not used when moving: the hands only slightly support the head. With an exhalation, raise the shoulders off the floor and pull them forward towards the legs. The lower back should remain flat on the floor. At the ultimate point, they linger for a few seconds and return to the floor.
  • Remaining lying on the floor, the legs are lifted up, leaving them bent at the knees. Twisting is repeated.

The following exercises are used to lose weight and tighten the lower abdomen:

  • They lower their backs to the floor, straighten their legs, and place their arms along the body. On exhalation, with the effort of muscles, the straight legs are lifted up so that they are perpendicular to the floor. On inhalation, the limbs are carefully returned to their original position.
  • The position of the body is the same as in the previous exercise for the abdomen, but the palms are placed under the thighs with the back side up - this will help relieve the load from the lower back. As you exhale, the legs are bent at the knee joints and pulled to the chest. On inhalation, the limbs are straightened, but they are not lowered to the floor.

When working out the oblique muscles of the abdomen, rotations of the legs are effective:

  • Lying on the floor, clasp the fingers behind the head. The legs are bent at the knees and raised above the floor at a right angle. Reach with the elbow of the right hand to the right knee. They return to the starting position and repeat the element with the second pair of limbs.
  • Lie on the floor, slightly raise one leg up; arms are extended on the floor overhead. On exhalation, the straightened leg is raised upward, while simultaneously pulling the upper body. They drop to the floor and repeat the movement with the other leg.

The following exercises are also used to create a thin waist:

  • They lower their backs to the floor, legs are straightened up at right angles to the body, arms are spread apart. The straight legs are lowered to the side, first in one direction and then in the other direction.
  • Maintaining the previous position, one leg is straightened above the floor, the other is held perpendicular to the body. On exhalation, the raised leg is led down, crossing it with the second. The toe is pulled towards itself. Lightly touching the floor with the heel, they return to the starting position.
  • Lying on the floor, both legs are lifted up. One leg is lowered to the side, keeping it straight. Then they take the initial pose and lead the second leg down and to the side.

You need to start training with 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions. Their number should be increased over time. Observing proper nutrition and performing all the proposed exercises, you can easily achieve the cherished goal: a flat and toned abdomen.