Yoga for weight loss. only if?

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The article "Yoga for Weight Loss" will talk about how yoga makes the process of losing weight the most effective, as opposed to using only dietary means, and what exercises should be included in the daily schedule.

Does yoga help you lose weight

Readers who want to lose weight ask if yoga helps to lose weight. They, obviously, have heard somewhere reviews about the benefits of yoga for weight loss, but they still do not know exactly which decision to come to and which choice to make - in favor of yoga or some other practice. Therefore, after reading this article, you can arm yourself with the knowledge gained and decide whether yoga classes are right for you as a means of improving your figure.

To begin with, yoga practice definitely has the most positive effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the practitioner. Why is the emotional and spiritual aspects also emphasized here? Because without these two ingredients, yoga is unlikely to have a reputation as an analogue of a diet, and without any strict prescriptions regarding your diet. Food here is not regulated at the initial stage. You can eat almost anything and the weight will go away.

However, if you get a taste and begin to seriously engage in the practice of yoga asanas, you yourself will understand that the rejection of some specific products will only have a positive effect on the results of the practice. There is nothing special about these products, they do not even affect by themselves and have never influenced the physical body weight. The point is that some vegetables, such as onions and garlic, according to the laws of Ayurveda belong to the category of "tamas", that is, they carry lower energy, therefore, for a more successful yoga practice, it is better to exclude them from the diet.

Tamas food also includes animal food in the form of meat and meat products. Real yogis usually do not accept this kind of food, and their diet is predominantly vegetarian, but we do not urge you to switch from regular food to plant foods at one moment, especially since the topic of this article is not directly related to gastronomic habits. Although one does not exist without the other, and if you want to achieve decent results in improving your appearance, then you should take into account an integrated approach to solving the issue, since only a radical change in lifestyle can guarantee a stable desired result.

Slimming Yoga Classes & Yoga Slimming Poses

Regular yoga classes for weight loss in a group or on your own at home bring great results if you follow the regime and discipline. Try to set aside time for your daily yoga practice, and it is best to do it at the same time, as this will help form the exercise habit. For 21 days, you must daily perform those asanas (postures) that you most like from the ones presented below or those that you yourself choose for yourself, based on your individual preferences.

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After three weeks you will no longer think about whether you should practice or not, you will be drawn to practice, you will not even notice how you will get involved in the process, and once a missed lesson will be perceived as a loss that should be made up. The body itself will ask for yoga classes, and you will feel how the practice has a beneficial effect on you. The point here is not even the weight loss itself, which will occur gradually and evenly, what is the undoubted advantage of yoga practice over other types of practices that contribute to weight loss. Yoga classes primarily fill the body with energy (prana), and if you include the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises) in the complex of yoga asanas, then the effect of performing both practices will significantly increase, because pranayama is the art of controlling the invisible energy of prana, which isaround us and fills the whole world and all living beings.

Why do you need to do pranayama? In order to restore the correct flow of energies in the body, which in itself will entail changes in the functioning of many body systems and lead to the restoration of the correct functioning of internal organs, which cannot but affect the functioning of the digestive system and improve metabolism.

The functioning of the digestive tract affects metabolism, although it is sometimes said that metabolism affects the work of the whole organism. One can disagree with this, since the "fuel" for maintaining the physical body in proper condition comes from outside, with food, and with it the energy - prana. Therefore, by restoring and correcting the work of internal organs with the help of yogic asanas and the practice of pranayama, you thereby improve metabolic processes and energy circulation in the body, not to mention the fact that with the help of breathing exercises, energy blocks inside the body will be removed. In those places where previously the energy could not circulate freely and at the same time the blood flow was blocked, the path will be cleared, due to which unnecessary elements as fat deposits, including subcutaneous fat, will gradually begin to be excreted from the body.

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Morning yoga for weight loss

Why is it believed that doing morning yoga is the most beneficial for weight loss? The fact is that in the morning, at the beginning of the day, you can perform such types of asanas that activate the body's energy: these are heating exercise complexes, one of which is always popular with many yoga practitioners - Surya Namaskar.

The popularity of this complex lies in the fact that it is simple and can be mastered even at the initial stages of yoga classes, but this does not reduce its value. This is a dynamic set of exercises, made up of basic asanas, in many of which the main element is bending, bending and stretching. It is this kind of asanas that are especially effective in burning subcutaneous fat deposits, training muscles and stretching the spine.

It would seem, where does the spinal column - the basis of the musculoskeletal system. And yet, it is on him that the state of your body and posture in general depends. There can be no beautiful figure without correct and beautiful posture. By itself, a toned body, stretching upward, with a royally raised head visually looks slimmer, proud posture also affects the psychological state, so you will automatically raise your self-esteem, and it plays an important role in losing weight.

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Many people eat more than they need, because they "seize" their inner dissatisfaction with themselves, the situation in life. Feeling better psychologically, realizing your intrinsic value, you will understand that food is not the consolation that you are used to resorting to to get rid of stress. Food has its own function - to provide the body with energy and, to a certain extent, to make you feel the enjoyment of the taste of food. But in order to enjoy food, it is not at all necessary to consume it in large quantities. A small portion of tasty and healthy food can bring much more satisfaction and benefit to the body than consuming it in large quantities.

Weight loss yoga for beginners: yoga exercises for weight loss

For beginners, you can perform the following types of asanas:

  • standing,
  • sitting,
  • lying down
  • slopes,
  • deflections.

Of the above asanas, the most effective will be those in which there are inclinations and deflections. Since the asanas themselves are static poses, during their retention, the internal organs are massaged, blood circulation and its flow to that part of the body, to which attention is directed in a particular asana, increase. Due to the fact that at the initial stage the asana is held for at least 30 seconds (this is an approximate length of time during which 6 cycles of inhalation and exhalation can be made), a healthy load on the internal organs increases, the blood flow increases, thus purification occursfrom accumulated toxins in the form of excess fat deposits and flushing of toxins that interfere with the proper functioning of the internal systems of the body.

The list below will present asanas that are available even for beginners, and for those who have already practiced yoga, it will be useful to include them in their daily complex in order to prevent congestion in some parts of the body, as well as the most effective dissolution of subcutaneous fat.

yoga for beautiful posture
  • Pavanamuktasanahelp burn belly fat.
  • Padahastasanahas a similar effect, but is performed from a standing position.
  • Pashchimottasana- also bend forward, but from a sitting position.
  • Ushtrasana, or Camel Pose, is a back bend that restores blood circulation around the waist, which is very beneficial.
  • Bhujangasana, or Cobra Pose, is also a back bend with support on the arms.
  • Dhanurasanasomewhat similar to Cobra Pose, but here you still need to maintain balance while lying on your stomach. But what a tremendous effect it gives to the belly!
  • Shalabhanasana, or Locust Pose, also has a great effect on the abdominal muscles, strengthens the back.
  • Paripurna Navasana, Boat pose; this asana also focuses on training the abdominal muscles and hips.
  • Halasana, although it belongs to inverted positions, it is very useful for stimulating the digestive tract and the endocrine system, especially for the thyroid gland.

This is just a rough list of poses for you to understand the principle. It must be remembered that when performing asanas, the rule of compensation must be observed, that is, if you made a tilt, then deflection must follow: the principle of the pendulum is from one side to the other. If you leaned to one side, then you need to do the same in the other.

Performing any yoga asana, you stimulate the deep muscles of the body, which in itself has a positive effect on the general condition and makes the body more fit. Many yoga complexes are warming up, and due to the additional production of internal heat, excess deposits are burned out, so choosing an asana is quite simple. You can choose almost any position where the part of the body that you want to work out and strengthen is included in the work. Fortunately, there are enough asanas in yoga for everyone to find what they need for themselves.

We wish you effective practice of yoga asanas and pranayama!