Losing weight by 5 kg in a week - is it real?

How to quickly lose 5 kg in a week? Many women and girls are interested in a similar question. Living in our modern rhythm, all beauties want to achieve quick results in a short time. Undoubtedly, every girl is happy that she lost 5 kg in a week.

Expert reviews on fast weight loss

In general, is it possible to lose so much weight in such a period? Of course it is possible, but it is quite difficult, both psychologically and physically.

Doctors say that if a girl lost 5 kg in a week, then the weight will soon return, it is difficult to maintain the result, and a radical restructuring of nutrition will be required. Therefore, doctors advise to resort to all kinds of diets as little as possible. After all, they will not do good. The exception is people who are overweight many times over the norm, and they are obese. But they should also lose weight slowly.

Usually women think about the fact that they need to lose 5 kg in a week, before some significant event, celebration. But in this case, you need to be careful so as not to harm your health.

vegetables for weight loss by 5 kg per week

If a girl lost 5 kg in a week, but at the same time she did not resort to diets or sports at all, then you should pay attention to her lifestyle. Sometimes stressful situations cause sudden weight loss or, conversely, gain.

Diets: contraindications

If a friend has lost 5 kg in a week, and she feels well, this does not mean that everything will be exactly the same in your case. Let's look at the contraindications, the reasons for which you should not resort to such diets. They are prohibited for those who suffer from pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, and diabetes (both types). People suffering from vascular disease, heart disease, gastritis should be careful to apply this kind of diet.

I would also like to say about our children. How to lose weight by 5 kg per week for a teenager? Whether it is worth doing this needs to be carefully thought out. After all, it is not recommended to torture a still fragile body with diets. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons before deciding on such actions. After all, a teenager will soon become an adult, which means that he will change and it is very likely that he will lose weight naturally.

Do not believe in a miracle cure. Losing weight by 5 kg per week can only be greatly limited by the amount of calories consumed and, of course, adding significant physical activity. But such an effect is harmful to the body, even to a completely healthy one. Although, as doctors say, this does not happen. Every person has some kind of health problem.

Mono diets

How to lose 5 kg in 1 week? Fasting days (mono-diets) will help.

I would like to note that after a mono-diet, you should not eat sweets, fried and starchy foods for several days (or it is better to refuse altogether). Otherwise, the lost kilograms will come back.

What foods (singly, of course) can be used on a mono diet? Cereals, watermelons, bananas, cabbage, dried fruits, buckwheat, kefir, oatmeal and others. For now, we'll take a look at some good mono diets as an example. By the way, in order to make the process of losing weight easier, you can alternate fasting days every other day.

Apple diet for those who love fruits and want to lose a couple of extra pounds

Such fasting days help to lose weight by as much as five kilograms, and not even in a week, but in three days. For such a diet, you should choose sweet, juicy fruits. It is desirable that they be local. You need to eat apples a day (no more than 1. 5 kg). The number of meals is four, the last one is at 20: 00. Nutritionists also advise adding 100 grams of animal protein per day to the diet. For example, this can be chicken, egg, white fish, or low-fat cottage cheese.

cottage cheese for weight loss by 5 kg per week

This supplement will keep you feeling great without harming your body. Better to eat not fresh apples, but baked ones. Eliminate tea, coffee and soda on apple diet days. It is best to drink exclusively water during this period.

The girl who withstood the apple diet said that she lost 5 kg in a week. Others say that a similar nutritional system helped to lose seven kilograms over the same period.

A cucumber diet for those who love vegetables

It is suitable for summer. There are two options for this diet.

vegetable salad for weight loss per week for 5 kg

Let's look at the first one first. The main dish is a salad of coarsely chopped cucumbers and herbs. Seasoned with sour cream. It is also complemented by a slice of black bread. During a diet, losing weight eats three times a day. The first meal is from 12 to 13, the second - from 16 to 18. A person should have dinner from seven in the evening to eight. Only one apple is allowed at night.

The next diet option is slightly different. The main dish is again a cucumber salad. But it needs to be filled with sunflower oil. Divide the entire salad into five meals. At lunch and dinner, it is also allowed to eat one chicken egg each (of course, a boiled one). There are no other additions.

Curd unloading: three options

Cottage cheese contains few calories, but it is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. There are several options for this type of diet. The first option is only cottage cheese in the diet (about one kilogram per day). Every three hours you need to eat two hundred grams.

cottage cheese for weight loss for a week 5 kg

The second option is 100 grams of cottage cheese every four hours. Each serving is complemented with bran. Pour two teaspoons of bran in boiling water. Drain after half an hour. You can add a little honey to a portion of cottage cheese.

There is another option. You need to eat five times a day. Each reception consists of a glass of kefir and 120 grams of cottage cheese.

Lose weight by 5 kg in a week? Exercise will help!

It is necessary to do exercises daily (duration - twenty minutes).

Stretching exercises are helpful.

Also do a press and push-up complex (about thirty times).

Then jump rope for twenty minutes in the evening. If you have strength, then these exercises can be increased to thirty minutes.

Then twist the hoop for about half an hour. This activity can be combined with watching your favorite movie.

You can also visit the sauna or bath. They will help cleanse from toxins. If you have heart problems, then you should refuse to visit the bath.

Now it is clear how to lose 5 kg in a week. The exercises and guidelines below and above will help you lose weight. In addition, the result will remain for a long time.

Estonian diet for those who are not afraid of tough restrictions

How to quickly lose 5 kg in a week? The diet we are going to consider will help you fulfill your desires. The nutritional system provides fast weight loss. If a girl lost 5 kg in a week on this diet, then this is an excellent result. I would like to note that such a diet should be repeated no more than once every six months. Let's take a look at the menu.

  • Day one: six eggs (small, chicken).
  • pasty cottage cheese for weight loss by 5 kg per week
  • Day two: a kilogram of cottage cheese (choose the least fatty one).
  • Day three: three hundred grams of boiled fillet.
  • Day four: rice (boil 100 g of dry cereal in a liter of water).
  • Day five: boiled potatoes in their skins (six pieces).
  • 5 kg slimming potatoes in one week
  • Day six: one kilogram of apples.
  • Day seven: one and a half liters of kefir.

Slimming wraps with green tea powder

If a girl lost 5 kg in a week, this does not mean that she did not eat anything. Most likely, of course, the diet was meager, but she also used various wraps. Such procedures perfectly correct the figure. Now let's look at a recipe for one composition. If you prepare such a remedy and apply it to problem areas, previously treated with a scrub, then you can achieve good results.

To prepare an anti-cellulite composition, you need:

  • boiling water (a little);
  • five tbsp. l. powdered green tea;
  • two tspcinnamon (of course, ground);
  • 2 tbsp. l. natural honey (flower).

Pour boiling water over the powder (you end up with gruel), add honey and cinnamon. Then mix everything, then let cool to 40 degrees. Next, apply the mixture to your body.

Then wrap the necessary parts of the body with cling film. Next, put on warm clothing, such as a bathrobe or sweatshirt pajamas. After fifty minutes, wash off the composition with warm water. Next, spread the anti-cellulite cream on your body. Such procedures will help in the fight against excess weight.

Angela diet

You can lose 5 kg per week on this diet. This nutritional system will change your metabolism. During the angel diet, you need to do massage, as well as exercise.

a leaf of lettuce for weight loss by 5 kg per week

The first day:

  • breakfast: black coffee (no additives);
  • lunch: eggs (2 pcs. ), tomato and green salad;
  • dinner: steak fried in oil (small amount).

Second day:

  • breakfast: the same as on the first day, and a crouton;
  • lunch: steak fried in oil + green salad + one tomato;
  • dinner: soup (one portion).

The third day:

  • breakfast: medium-sized crouton and black coffee;
  • lunch: steak, fried in oil under pressure, and green salad;
  • dinner: low-fat ham (two slices) and 2 eggs.
food intake for weight loss per week by 5 kg

Fourth day:

  • breakfast: croutons and unsweetened coffee;
  • lunch: cheese, egg, carrot (or tomato);
  • dinner: kefir (one glass), fruit salad.

The fifth day:

  • breakfast: carrots (grated) with lemon;
  • lunch: one tomato (or one medium carrot), fish (one portion), fried under pressure;
  • dinner: steak with green salad.

Sixth day:

  • breakfast: the same as on the second day;
  • lunch: green salad, chicken (one serving), fried without fat;
  • dinner: green salad and a large steak.
green tea for weight loss per week by 5 kg

Seventh day:

  • breakfast: herbal or green tea without additives;
  • lunch: lean meat + green salad;
  • dinner: your choice (but not much).


There is another simple diet that will help you lose those extra five pounds. It is called kefir. The main product is kefir 1% fat. There are three types of diet. But all of them are united by three principles:

  • the duration of all these diets is exactly seven days;
  • the main product is kefir, supplemented by certain low-calorie carbohydrate and protein products;
  • a clear schedule (six meals at an equal interval of time, the last one no later than two hours before bedtime).

In some schemes, the kefir diet provides for the restriction of fluid to 500 ml of kefir per day. But doctors advise to refrain from such a diet. Since it can cause dehydration and lead to irreversible consequences. During a kefir diet, you should give up salt, tea, sugar and coffee. You can drink herbal tea, pure water without restrictions.

First, we'll look at a basic kefir diet for one week.

  • On the first day, the diet consists of baked potatoes (four hundred grams) and five hundred ml of kefir (1% fat).
  • The second day - five hundred ml of 1% kefir + low-fat cottage cheese (400 grams).
  • The third is kefir (the same amount) and 400 grams of fruit (you should not eat bananas and grapes).
  • The fourth - 400 grams of chicken breasts and kefir (amount, as on the first day).
  • The diet of the fifth day is the same as that of the third.
  • The sixth day - only water (one and a half liters).
  • The seventh day is exactly the same as the fifth.

Two diets: "hungry" and with protein

A kefir diet with protein is built according to the same scheme as the standard one (the first kefir), but two days of fruit are replaced with protein food (for example, it can be chicken fillet or lean meat), it should also be 400 grams per day.

kefir for weight loss by 5 kg per week

There is also a "hungry" diet. The amount of kefir per day increases to two liters. The portion of additional foods, on the contrary, is reduced from 400 to 100 grams.

Apples + kefir

This is the strictest diet. It is not suitable for people with high stomach acidity.

Daily menu: six apples and the same amount of kefir glasses. How many meals does the diet involve? Six, of course.

There is another variant of the diet: only kefir is drunk for three days (one and a half liters per day) and only apples for three days (up to one and a half kilograms per day). The last day, again, is kefir. You should also drink water throughout the diet.

Apples can be grated, it is permissible to mix them with kefir. You can also bake, but never add sugar. If you want something sweet, put a spoonful of honey. But don't get carried away.

A little conclusion

Now it is clear how to lose 5 kg in a week. Photos of dishes and products presented in the article will help you choose the right food option for yourself. But do not forget about other procedures, such as wraps, for example, as well as physical activity. These activities will further help in the fight against excess weight. Be sure to consult your doctors before diets, especially strict ones.