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The famous ancient Greek physician and thinker Hippocrates spoke about the importance of proper nutrition for human health and longevity many centuries ago. It is he who owns the famous saying "We are what we eat! "And, probably, for good reason. After all, a balanced diet not only has a beneficial effect on a person’s condition, but also helps to take care of the beauty of his body. The Pierre Dukan diet menu is exactly the right diet, which, in addition to all of the above, provides the opportunity to control or reduce your weight.

The power system is based on 4 phases. In each of them, the French nutritionist suggests consuming a specific list of foods. Nutrition begins with a protein diet and ends with a full menu, which includes the correct ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. By following the Pierre Dukan diet, you can lose weight from 7 to 10 kg. Moreover, at each stage, weight loss will occur differently. In today's topic, we propose to consider an approximate Dukan diet menu for each phase.

Description of the Dukan diet menu for the week of the "Attack" stage

As already noted, the Dukan diet involves going through 4 phases of weight loss, each of which plays its own role in weight loss and has its own names. For example, the first stage is called "Attack". It is aimed at significant loss of extra pounds, therefore it is considered the most stringent and strict. This is due to the fact that in the first phase a general weight loss is determined, which in subsequent stages is only consolidated and maintained.

It is advisable to strictly comply with all requirements and not deviate from the Dukan diet menu during the "Attack" week. Preference at this time is given to protein products, and the duration in certain cases can reach up to 10 days. It all depends on the initial body weight of a person. For example, if you have up to 20 kg of excess weight, then the first phase cannot be observed for more than 5 days. If you are overweight from 20 to 30 kg, the duration of the "Attack" stage will be 5-7 days, and over 30 kg – from 5 to 10 days. Exceeding the duration of the first phase is strictly prohibited.

The sample Dukan diet menu for the "Attack" stage is scheduled for a week and includes 3 main meals and snacks. So, on the first day for breakfast it is recommended to eat coffee with ginger, a small portion of low-fat cottage cheese and 2 pieces of grilled chicken breast. Lunch on this day includes Vietnamese beef and low-fat yogurt. As a snack, you can use Dukan pancakes with cinnamon. And for dinner, enjoy tiger shrimp with garlic and pieces of chicken.

On the second day, for breakfast it is recommended to eat an omelette, a few pieces of ham, the fat content of which should not exceed 5%, and a warm drink. Lunch on this day may consist of trout with herbs and shrimp. For a snack, tea or coffee without sugar, as well as vanilla porridge with oat bran, are good options. Dinner includes boiled eggs with Dukan mayonnaise.

An approximate menu for the third day of the Dukan Diet for breakfast involves eating turkey ham, low-fat cream cheese and a warm drink. And for lunch you can grill chicken breast and muesli. The afternoon snack on this day consists of cheesecake, and dinner consists of chicken nuggets in oat bran, as well as eggnog.

Breakfast on the fourth day includes scrambled eggs, a warm drink and low-fat cream cheese. For lunch, it is recommended to cook chicken curry with yogurt. But for a snack, a dietary bran cake with tea or coffee without added sugar is good. For dinner you can make salmon soup.

On the fifth day of the Pierre Dukan diet menu, breakfast includes yogurt with low-fat oat bran and a warm drink. And for lunch, you can steam fish with herbs and eat a portion of low-fat cottage cheese. Crab sticks are good for an afternoon snack, and beef steak with peppers for dinner.

Breakfast on the sixth day may consist of an omelet with mint and curry, as well as a warm drink. For lunch, it is advisable to grill a turkey steak and eat small slices of ham. Diet oatmeal cookies and tea without sugar are good for a snack, and stewed turkey fillet meatballs for dinner.

The Dukan diet menu for a week on the last day for breakfast involves preparing boiled eggs with meat chips and a warm drink. Lunch will include smoked salmon appetizer and oat bran pancakes. As a snack, it is recommended to drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. During your evening meal you can enjoy fried chicken.

Sample menu for the remaining stages of the Dukan Diet

Pancakes for the Dukan Diet

The second stage of the diet is called "Cruise". During this period, the protein diet alternates with vegetables. And the menu for one day might look like this:

  • breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of turkey, low-fat small yogurt, boiled egg;
  • lunch: stewed vegetables without adding oil, fish, tea or coffee;
  • afternoon snack: a slice of ham, chicken breast or salmon;
  • dinner: pureed vegetable soup, beef shish kebab and tea.

The third stage of the diet is called "Consolidation" or "Fixation". During this period, there is a gradual inclusion in the diet of those foods that the person consumed before losing weight. And Pierre Dukan’s diet menu for one day might look like this:

  • breakfast: 200 g of cottage cheese, an egg, a piece of chicken and tea;
  • lunch: stewed vegetables, a portion of fish, tea or coffee;
  • dinner: vegetable soup and grilled meat.

The fourth stage of the Pierre Dukan diet is called "Stabilization". During this period, there is a gradual transition to the usual eating regimen. According to the rules, it should continue throughout the rest of life and be based on a balanced diet without overeating. Only in this case will the results of the diet be sustainable and effective.

At the last stage, the Dukan diet menu for one day may look like this:

  • breakfast: yogurt or a slice of cheese, 200 g of ham, tea;
  • lunch: protein snack, yogurt or cheese;
  • dinner: similar to breakfast.